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What a time we live in...

...when we wait for the next news report of another horrific event that occurred somewhere in our world. We look around for the next crazy thing some politician says. Somehow we have gotten our lives turned around and focusing on the wrong things.

I just returned from Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Crazy as it may sound 5,000 Presbyterian youth from around the nation and even world gathered together at Purdue University as they do every three years. My role in the weeklong experience serving on the Care Team was to help provide crowd control and emotional and spiritual security in the midst of this enormous gathering of people. Triennium had 100 small groups (clearly they were not that small), 5 worship services each 1 ½ hours long, and times of recreation and walking (my final tally was 67.95 miles from Monday through Saturday). I am excited to share that our youth, not just Liz and Mi-randa, but all the youth were truly excited to be together and celebrate being the church of today.

During our week together our greatest concern was of twisted ankles and heat exhaustion. I did notice a great lack of TVs gathering out attention. I did notice too that all gathered, youth and adult, were much more focused on Jesus and the Community of Christ gathered in our midst. It is true that in our week long gathering we were intentionally focused on things other than this world around us. I still believe that even the church could learn what our focus should really be. The Christ who calls us together calls us to love and care for one another by standards this world will never understand.

The theme for Triennium this year was “Go.” We focused on our gathering together, our strengthening our faith for service, and finally we were commissioned to go. I’m sure most of the youth would be willing to return to that community for the comfort, fun, and fellowship found there. I would hope too that each young person has grown (at least a little) to be prepared to return to their world and share the love, grace, and mercy we together learned so much about.

My prayer is the same for our church and every church. May we be comforted and healed when together so that we may change the world around us. I wonder if this would make a new broadcast. Moreover I know the world around us would notice that there is something different about them … and I like it.

In Ministry Together,

– Pastor Craig

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