Shawnee Presbyterian Church


How do I get Facebook...

so I can watch Shawnee Presbyterian Church’s worship
It appears that our time of separation will continue for a while longer. During our time of social distancing we will continue to worship through our church’s Facebook page. Services begin at 10:30am each Sunday and are available to view at a later time as they are posted on the page as well. We have heard many positive comments about the service. Please know we have corrected many of our sound and video issues making the service much more appealing. If you have any challenges being able to see or sign on to the service please contact Pastor Craig for assistance.

One request we do have is for everyone to “Comment” during the service so we know who all attended when we review the video later. There is some glitch that will tell us how many people have watched the service, but no names provided to us
unless you comment with at least a “Hi” or “Good Morning.” We are considering continuing Facebook Live broadcast even once we return to in-person worship. We are reaching many who have not been attending in-person and certainly do not want to

Instruction for getting Facebook
If you DO NOT have a Facebook Page on your computer go to
download the Facebook app on your phone or tablet (available in your device's app store).

You will need to create a Facebook account which is FREE!!

All you need is your Name, email or phone number, create a password, and click Sign-up.

Once you are logged into Facebook, find the SEARCH Box (in the top left corner of the Facebook page) type in Shawnee Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and enter or click search. This will pull up Shawnee Presbyterian Church's Facebook page.

You will need to LIKE this page. This is underneath the picture with a thumbs up to the left of the word LIKE.

You should be able to view past posts (Kelly has posted a few fun songs and history about the songs).

On Sunday's at 10:30am, you will find a LIVE of the service Pastor Craig and Kelly have put together. Turn the volume up and enjoy the service.

If you miss the 10:30am Sunday church service or you would like to watch it again or share it with a friend, you have the capability to watch it over, and over again.