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Heifer International Project


Our Young Disciples collected over $540 during their Heifer Project fund drive! The initial goal was $500, which would buy a heifer we had named “Moo.” Last Sunday, when Pastor Craig shared with the Young Disciples that they had collected enough to buy Moo, there was quite a celebration…then the news was shared that the church Outreach Committee would contribute another $500, adding to the celebration, as we now were able to purchase two cows! Pastor Craig had one more surprise to disclose - the Heifer Project is currently matching all gifts, making our donation over $2,000 or better! …. said more than four cows!

Since Heifer Project has a primary goal of each recipient family giving the first offspring of their animal to another family in need it only makes sense that when two cows are donated they are given as a mating pair. Shawnee Presbyterian Church will be donating over $2,000 which will be used by Heifer Project to provide two mating pairs of cattle. What a glorious gift we have given and what a wonderful way to help our young disciples learn more about being good stewards with their resources!

Learn more about Heifer International here: 

Heifer International 

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